Facilities& Services

Learning Resource Center.

CSSSGW Learning Resource Center (AICCEDS) serves as an excellent resource for the school's students and staff. While the AICCEDS is a hub of activity each day, hosting students each class period, it is also available to students and staff online. The AICCEDS is committed to supporting the school's mission by providing an environment that features.

Instruction and programs.

  • Access to collections of research and personal interest resources Access to technology
  • Individual and group study space
  • A staff that facilitates student learning and faculty instruction
  • Providing this environment promotes life-long, independent learning for the school's students, faculty and staff.
  • On the right side of the page, students and staff will find links to several important resources, including the AICCEDS's Online Catalog and its password-protected databases and eBooks. All of these resources will provide assistance with online research. Passwords for the databases are e-mailed to all students and faculty, and are also available by request in the AICCEDS..

Special Facility For CSSSGW.

I.Special Tutorial Classes.

Our students are also provided with extra coaching and have lots of opportunities to develop their skills. They are taken for outings/picnics with their respective teachers to create a special bond between them and we take special care of our slow learners by providing them with remedial (special help)classes.


Children are encouraged to express their Views through creative writing. We publish our annual Magazine during the academic session. Students get ample opportunity to write on certain topics for wall Magazines and the Impression Board, which are used for inter House Competitions for creative writing on thought provoking topics.

III. Library.

The goal of the school library is to ensure that all members of the school get an equitable access to books and of course the books are a great inspiration to the students as the library has a great collection of fiction, non – fiction and reference books. The latest collection of reference books for various subjects, supplementing the textbooks is available to the students.